Rival Casino

Rival slot games have long been a mainstay of many casinos. Plenty of online casinos offer these, sometimes alongside other developers, but it is the Rival slots that tend to stand out among many others.

One of the best features of a Rival slot game is that it often has a free version for you to try. This is ideal if you ever come across a title you haven't checked out before. You can load the demo and experience it for yourself without ever parting with a cent.

Expect major jackpots and top prizes throughout Rival slot collections

While not all the Rival slots include progressive jackpots, they all have top prizes to go after. You can also find a range of prizes throughout each of the games. With real money play available too, it's just a matter of selecting one of the main Rival games to get you started.

Get ready for mobile-friendly Rival gaming action too

Today's preferred way to play slots is often on a mobile device. Rival hasn't gotten left behind in that sense either. They've been around for years now, and with their software behind each of their new releases, you can bet on playing some of the top titles from Rival whenever you are in the mood.

Play on three or five reels whenever you wish

Rival has compiled a stunning collection of slot games based around five-reel formats, while still offering some classic three-reel games to try. With both options available to you, you just need to find the ideal casino to play at.